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Origin Story 

Neurophototherapy is Sonia's latest Arts Council England funded R&D project. This project seeks to create a body of work as a photographic practice-led self-recovery model for neurodivergent females. During R&D, Sonia has developed a series of images, revisiting, performing, documenting, and reflecting on key life experiences in an online exhibition called Origin Story. Neurophototherapy will include artist talks, conversations with partner organisations, commissioned critical writings, and participant interviews. Project process and outcomes are published on Instagram @s_boue (see above) and other platforms. A PDF guide to the Neurophototherapy method will be forthcoming later in the year. 

This new project sits within an inclusive practice which pioneers in researching optimal support for neurodivergent creatives, and builds on Sonia’s body of publicly funded work furthering Arts Council England’s creative case for diversity.


Photograph commissioned by Aidan Moesby for the online exhibition Thresholds at MIMA

An installation artwork by Sonia Boue with pyjamas on a hanger and painted twigs.

Three Bodies for Molongo