Through An Artist's Eye - the Felicia Browne project

Through An Artist’s Eye was an artistic collaboration about the life of British artist Felicia Browne and her part in the Spanish Civil War.

I worked alongside poet (and daughter of a Republican exile to England,) Jenny Rivarola, and Professor Tom Buchanan, Professor of Modern British and European History at Oxford University.

Information about Through An Artist's Eye can be found on the project blog.

"In July of 2015 I was approached by Tate Britain to be the third voice in a short film as part of a series commissioned to bring their digital archives to life. Filming took place in my studio and my work interrogated (in the best sense of the word). In this process the notion of intersecting journey’s took seed: Felicia’s decisive road trip from England to Spain in which she found herself propelled into war, and my father’s flight from Spain to England (eventually) as a young Republican reporter.

The marks and traces of his journey into exile were the subjects of my abstract landscapes with the battered vintage suitcases I collect providing a metaphor for the wounding – both psychological and physical – of war. Thus suitcases as bearer’s of wounds, as symbols of the self, their surfaces suggestive of skin, have been powerful inspiration for the surface appearance of my paintings. I work also with the notion of emotional geography and landscape as a reflection of the psyche. Felicia’s death appeared to me, during my day with Rebecca Sinker of the Tate Britain team, as a bloody reality. It was a profound awakening."