Disability Arts Online Commission 'Day in a Life Article' - COVID-19 fund

A new commission to write about making work at home using photography and film during Covid-19 lockdown.
The brief:

"Day in the Life Articles: We are looking for a series of features that give an insight into the working life of an artist. Your feature could be more process-orientated and take us through a specific creative process. It could refer to a specific day but give an overview of your practice. It could be playful or profound, depending on what feels right to you. You could film or record your day and share aspects of it. How much you do or don’t talk about disability or impairment issues depends on whether or not it feels appropriate to share those with DAO’s audience. Commissioned artists providing a written article are encouraged to record an audio version to increase access."

Sonia's responsive practice with it's themes rooted in home and the domestic as a metaphor for exile and displacement has found a natural outlet in responding to lockdown. Works can be seen here on this website, or on Instagram