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Neuro-inclusive practice

Sonia offers a uniquely informed perspective and expertise in cultural and collaborative approaches to neuro-inclusion in the arts   

"I analyse a situation from all sides to build bridges across neurological perspectives"

My focus is on guiding organisations to engage in ethical neuro-inclusive practice. This includes organisational review, project design, bid-writing, and PR sensitivity reading.

My work as an artist, and my extensive Arts Council funded inclusive project work give me an edge in understanding the key issues underlying ND creatives' disadvantage and exclusion. I understand how to overcome  barriers to participation. 

In a newly developing, fast-moving and often contested area of social change, I offer a calm, informed and non-judgemental perspective."

"My recent collaborations reflect a growing interest in combining consultancy, writing and creative practice. " 

• A-N Board Disability Working Group

• Arts Council England 

• Autograph

• BOM Neurodivergent Programmes

• British Art Network


• Plus TATE Network


• National Portrait Gallery 


• Wellcome Collection Social Justice Curriculum 

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