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The Artist is Not Present
We Are Invisible We Are Visible 

The event We are Invisible We are Visible was presented by DASH, the disabled led visual arts organisation, and was awarded the 2021 Ampersand Prize.


Sonia Boué’s intervention at Site Gallery, The Artist is Not Present explored conditional visibility and invisible disability. A playful ambivalence runs through her work for the WAIWAV intervention.


The Artist is Not Present was a durational performance live streamed from the artist’s studio, on 2 July between 12 – 6 pm. Boué inhabited and embodied a living Dadaist collage in her studio installation via the Instagram Live platform. 

Boué's primary focus for the piece reflects a concern with the documentation and dissemination of performance traces using the multiple lenses employed during it's enactment.  Documentation, including a short film, a gallery of film stills and photographs can be viewed below. 

Film Stills
Camera: Naomi Morris/ Sonia Boué

Studio Photographs 
Sonia Boué 

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