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Announcing Sonia Boué’s new publication

Neurophototherapy: Playfully Unmasking with Photography and Collage 

'A love letter to late discovery!'

Sonia Boué, In among the ivy, photograph, 2023

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Praise for Neurophototherapy 

“What extraordinary and tender work!”

Heather Peak, DASH

Becky Beasley"How fantastic this is finally in the world! Bravo brilliant brilliant Sonia!!! Where would I be without you and your work."

 “A life-affirming read that also just gets you itching to make a collage. A joy.” 

Birmingham Open Media


 "Time and time again your work is transformative." 


"Such a creative and unique project. A playful exploration of masking/unmasking - just beautiful."

 Selene Burn,Wellcome Collection Access Lead

"The book manages to strike a nice balance that feels academic, artistic and accessible. A difficult thing to do!  — Thanks again for sending this wonderful thing our way."

Declan Connolly, Open Eye

"Years in the making and a lifetime researching and living. It will be a cornerstone of help, healing and transformation!"

Laurie Kanyer, The Kanyer Art Collection

“This book is just so unusual, interesting and engaging.”

David Parker, Figment Arts

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