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artist and writer Sonia Boue holds up a vintage typewriter.

Writing about

Neurodivergence and Art

Book Chapters

The Big Anxiety - Taking Care of Mental Health in Times of Crisis,  Part IX: Lived Experience, Activism And Survival, Chapter 19. Being Together In A Neurodiverse World: Exploring Empathy And Othering With Project Art Works, Kate Adams, Sonia Boué, Chloe Watfern (2022) Bloomsbury

Developments in Neuroethics and Bioethics, Volume 5, 2022, Pages 223-240, Chapter Ten - Not all surfaces catch the light at the same time, Author Sonia Boue

Journal Articles 

White, B., & Boue, S. (2015). Autism, Art and the World Behind the World: Adventures in Neurodiverse Communication. Disability Studies Quarterly, 35(1).

Boué, Sonia (2021) "Sherlock: The Three-Pipe Problem," Ought: The Journal of Autistic Culture: Vol. 2 : Iss. 2 , Article 10.


Exhibition Guides

Under My Skin:  A sensory reflection on the exhibition Sonia Boyce, In the Castle of My Skin by Sonia Boué (2021) MIMA (Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art)

Inside Erratics: A sensory reflection on the exhibition Lubna Chowshary, Erratics by Sonia Boué (2022) (MIMA (Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art)


Am I Autistic?  Free resource to guide people in understanding their pre diagnosed autism (2022) BOM (Birmingham Open Media)

Autistics at Work  New, free resource providing emotional and pragmatic support for autistic people in the creative sector and sector insights (2023) BOM (Birmingham Open Media)

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