artist and writer Sonia Boue holds up a vintage typewriter.

Writing about

Neurodivergence  and Art

Sonia Boué is a writer and blogger who has published extensively online across many platforms in both the UK and the US.




• Neurodiversity and the arts (as a reviewer and critic, seeking to develop a wider understanding of neurodivergent practice.

• Arts funding and barriers to neurodivergent people in the arts.

• Designing and evaluating neurodivergent projects.


Sonia publishes on her own blog The Other Side, several blogs on the A-N platform, has an author's page at Disability Arts Online and has published with Disability Studies Quarterly.


A new chapter for The Big Anxiety Festival is in process, in collaboration with Kate Adams of Project ArtWorks, and Chloe Watfern, Scientia PhD Scholar. 


An Evaluation document for Sonia's  touchstone neuro-inclusive project called NUNO, has been open sourced and shared as a resource for the TATE disABILITY Network. 

Sonia has published two catalogue essays for the Shadowlight Artists RISING and LUMINOUS projects.


guest blog reviewing the film Illuminating the Wilderness, joint winner of the Jarmon Award 2020, was published on Project ArtWorks website in 2020.   

Read Sonia's photo essay Sherlock - The Three Pipe Problem in Ought: The Journal of Autistic Culture Volume 2, Issue 2 (2021)